JoAnn Tan Studio was founded at the end of 2010 by the renowned Creative Director JoAnn Tan and Cilla Winbladh. JoAnn and her team of creative talents work in the field of window display, installation, fashion shows, scenography and set design.

The studio’s style and strong character are based on a playful approach which adds a storytelling facet to brand communication. We aim to give the audience a memorable visual experience. Coupled with a unique relationship with materials and techniques, the creations are often complex structures that spring from an craftsmanship that is as innovative as the subject itself.

“We produce everything from the ground up. The craftsmanship is incredibly important to me. When you’re working with visual installations you can’t retouch and polish everything to the nth degree. With a window display or any other kind of 3 dimensional installation, your audience sees everything up close and everything has to stand up to that sort of close quarters inspection. This is the only way to create the kind of visual experience that can surprise you and transport you to another world, It’s a kind of magic trick” explains JoAnn